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A graphic designer, a tech-nerd and a librarian walk into a bar... that's not a joke, it's what happens when I go to the pub.

I'm Patrick, I take information and make eye-catching creative visuals out of it.

I've made my living in design and marketing since 2005. However my first career was as a librarian (you never really stop being one...) and I've been a techie numbers-nerd since before I can remember.


All those things together in one noggin makes for a noggin that's really good at being creative with information. I specialise in information design - infographics, charts, reports - anything where there's data which needs to be creatively handled into an eye catching and engaging piece of design.

So if you have a pile of data you need turning into a shiny infographic, why not get in touch?

my work

Below are a small selection of my clients, illustrating some of the different skills and services I offer. You can tap on the logos to see work I've done for them and read what they say about me.

information design

an infographic about infographics

what is information design?

  • a branch of design for communicating information visually.
  • requires a mix of visual design, writing and analysis.
  • requires sensitivity to both the design and the data.

OK, why should I care?

  • People have short attention spans. If you don't get their attention in the first few seconds of seeing your content they'll move on. You can hold their attention with great visuals.
  • Graphics tend to be the first place readers turn for information, often then returning to the more detailed text having had their attention captured (where did you look first on this page?).
  • Infographics present information through easy-to-understand and self-explanatory graphics, and can convey information on almost any topic from any business or industry.
  • "snackable" shareworthy, compelling content generates "natural" link traffic which - in turn - is what drives modern SEO.

great! and an infographic is?

  • Broadly, any piece of graphic design produced to convey specific information. Some traditional forms include:
    • charts
    • graphs
    • maps
    • pictograms
    • signage
    • labelling
  • In more contemporary use "infographic" tends to refer to packaged combinations of these elements suitable for wide distribution online.
  • Large infographics with several data points, combining various visual and text elements grouped into a "story" have become popular marketing tools, for clarity I call these "poster style infographics" when specing or quoting a job.



I offer all new clients a free initial consultation to find out how best to meet their needs. I then provide a detailed quote at my standard rate of £40/hr, and always agree costs in advance.

My conviction is that good design should be affordable.

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